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Kitchen Tiling Tips For Your Home

Tips On How To Do The Perfect Kitchen Tiling For Your Home.

In many homes, especially Irish ones, kitchens are the hub of the house. Therefore, close attention should be paid to the general look of the kitchen to ensure that it is pleasing to the eye, has a look you can be proud of and is an environment that is easy to live in. Choosing the right tiles for your kitchen makes your kitchen and your house come to life. With the right tiles, innovative fittings, accent borders and gorgeous materials, you can make a dramatic statement in your house. There are a couple of things to consider when shopping for tiles and overseeing the installation process so that you get the desired results. It is important to understand what exactly you want for your kitchen so that you can proceed with confidence.

Be Classy

Kitchen Tiles
You don’t have to live with those 70s kitchen tiles forever.

If you wish to be classy, then you need to select elegant, colored and organic tiles made of the best warm earthy tones with a mixture of neutrals to a get an appealing outlook. For a simple, timeless interior design, you need to find the right tiles for your kitchen. Although you may wish to be adventurous, it is good to maintain the traditional shapes, sizes and finishes. Following this style throughout the house it is advisable not to alter the basics.

For a fashionable look, there are more modern designs available in a monochrome palette to give you the striking, stylish and contemporary look that you love. You can also create the illusion of space depending on which tiles you use for your kitchen. A silky finish is achieved by using polished tiles that reflect light into the room, thus creating trompe l’oeil, which is the illusion of space. It is possible also to lighten up a black and white scheme using an accent colored tile. However, when doing this stick to only one extra color and incorporate it into your decor. At the end of the day, what you want is to keep everything simple, classy and minimize the accessories used to complement your scheme.

Most professionals advise home owners to go large. For a modern look, large format floor and wall tiles provide a modern and classy look for your kitchen.

Color Confidence.

By adding a variety of colors through the tiles, you create a vibrancy that connects to your surroundings and you will feel color confident as you continue to energize your environment. Glossy finishes and playful colors help to create a true statement through these contemporary finishes. Why would you use just one color anyway? Update your white tiled kitchen by renovating your breakfast bar or your splash-backs with use of bright colors and personalization according to your preference. A more classic tile will definitely enhance the natural features of various areas of your kitchen.


Before you complete your project, you can personalize your scheme further by adding a border. There is a wide variety of ceramics tiles, exquisite stone, ceramic or glass boarders to add your very own unique stamp to the overall design. There is no limit to the styles you can come up with as it is possible to coordinate your border tiles with your wall tiles, floor or any of the other furniture in the room. You can fix borders from floor to ceiling to create dramatic color breaks. You can also try to create a beautiful entrance by using a large patterned border at the edge of a plain floor. Depending on where your kitchen is located, you can extend your space to the outside as there are endless possibilities to what you can do.

Create The Best Features.

Making a feature using tiles is possible but, the genuine slate tiles are recommended for this purpose. This is because the slate mosaics are slim and easy to use since they can be cut using the right equipment. The good think is that no special tool is used to cut these tiles since a scissors and a Stanley can get the job done for you. These features are best for kitchen splash backs and for a fireplace (though not many kitchen had a fireplace these days). This will add real texture to your kitchen.

The Ideal Tools for the Job.

Nowadays, tiling has been made a little easier. This is thanks to the availability of many new tools designed for the job. Tools like tile polishers, tile cutters, sealants and grout removers help generate that professional finish and look after the job is done. It is good to avoid the hassles and mess involved in removing the old tiles and replacing them with new ones by using the slim tiles. They wear well despite being half the thickness of ordinary tiles. Do your research before shopping for any tilling supplies and tools to ensure that you get the right tools and avoid costly problems.

Kitchen Splashback Tiles
A Nice Modern Rustic Look

When tiling your kitchen, look for products that will provide you with a hard wearing and long lasting finish. Consider your budget, there is a wide variety of tiles to choose from with different styles as well. Seeking professional advice on the best way to fit the tiles is always crucial since it is not something that can be done by just anyone given the right tools. Look for the right guide that will help you identify the different tiling materials, tools and styles for the job. The different materials to choose include ceramics, granite, marble, mosaic, quarry, slate, porcelain and travertine, among others. Your expert will advise you on which material to use depending on your house, needs and features that you wish to create.

There are endless options for kitchen tiling with options to include customized styles and features to give a unique and appealing outlook for your house. The right tiles will make your kitchen look spacious and lighten up the whole house with elegant and stylish materials. Add borders, trims and inset tiles to be more adventurous, daring and color confident for the perfect kitchen. Once you have a clear understanding of what you want, call Galway Tiler to give your home the modern classy look you have always wanted.